The Middle Pillar Ritual [MP]

Preliminary notes: The purpose of this ritual is to direct spiritual light down the spinal column, activating and empowering the mediating chakras to charge, build up, and align the astral and vital bodies as well as the aura. building up the astral body, the practitioner will be able to take on more energetically without being so easily burnt out. At the same time the more the astral is built up the more receptive the practitioner will be to that on the spiritual spectrum that would have otherwise passed through them going unnoticed. It can be seen then as the constructing of an antenna with even greater power requirements to transmit and receive at higher frequencies. This is essentially spiritual chiropracty and has many other heath benefits in regards the physical body. 

The Chakras may be visualized in their corresponding colors.

Crown - White Brilliance
Throat - Blue
Solar - Yellow/Golden
Root: - Red
Feet - Brown or Earthly

Initiation of Ritual

Say: Hekas! Hekas! Este Bebeloi!

The Qabbalistic Cross
The QC may be performed prior to better emphasize the correspondences of the tree

Middle Pillar - Core

I. Through visualization formulate a sphere of white brilliance above the head (Crown Chakra) and vibrate:
II. Hold and rotate clockwise until the feeling is strong, condense the sphere, and visualize it descending to the Throat Chakra and vibrate:
     YHVH Va-Da'ath
III. Hold and rotate clockwise until the feeling is strong and visualize the sphere descending to the Solar Plexus and vibrate:
     YHVH Eloah Va-Da'ath
III. Hold and rotate clockwise until the feeling is strong and visualize the sphere descending to the Root Chakra and vibrate:
   Shaddai El Chai
IV. You may continue in this form directing the sphere to the feet and vibrating Adonai Ha-Aretz, if not continue to step V.
V. Redirect the light upward toward the crown and then downward again repeating and growing more potent with each cycle. You may vibrated the names as you come across their stations.

Continuing into the Orgasmic Middle Pillar

VI. Increase the speed of each cycle, faster and faster until the light bursts from the Crown Chakra and rains down encompassing you in a sphere of light, coming back up through either the Root Chakra or station of the feet as specified, repeating until the sphere surrounding you is sufficiently strong.

After attaining enough control you may direct the light bursting from the crown each cycle as to construct the sphere as a lattice.