The Successful Arte of Manifestation:
The Tomatoe Seed, The Soil and The Cage-Tower.

Astrological alignment is an important and crucial factor of magick. Magick understood here as, correspondence. One does not do a rite to create an astrological alignment, one times their rite by astrological alignment. Just because things are aligned does not mean you have a fruit growing or that something on another level is finding its way though. Just as a wortcunner must know not only the proper season but the seed and the soil as well, so to must the operative magician know these things in his own way. To reap anything from their arte they must have rooted the seed of their work within proper need, and potted it firmly in the time of communion with the mysteries of the aim at hand.

It is just like a tide coming in. If the tide is coming it, move inland. if mercury is in retrograde, make sure to contemplate what is being said and clarify to avoid issue. Retrograde has its’ lessons, it is an opportunity peer into the mechanics of that planets influence. One need not and should not be idle, putting off the engagement of the path simply because the conditions are not right for what they had intended to do at that time. A proper time will come and all time has its virtue and its opportunity, that each time has its means of serving thy true will in some fashion.

What an astrological chart represents, put simply, is the inclination toward the fulfillment of a certain pattern. The lot that is cast being the conditions you have to work with, not the outcome. For instance, looking at ones natal chart we see that they have inherited a bit of this ingredient and a bit of that ingredient. That they came into the world under this influence and that influence attunes them to a certain way, as a seashell forever retains the sound of the ocean, so does each person retain the harmony of the spheres at their time of birth. This first impression on them as they were coming into that alignment of this world becomes the guiding momentum of their path. Chief among these influences in that regard is the Rising Sign, which indications that to which this momentum aspires, being very telling of there true-will is to be found. in as much as we are talking of an initial and prolonged resonance of ones earliest associations of and with life, it can be said that one is born under certain vibrations. These being very important concerning the need of these to be expressed for the healthy constitution and vitality of the individual for then they are thusly expressed one is properly aligned with the life-force of their birth, feeling thus, alive. What astrology says then is that one has a vintage.

Thus knowledge is not only principle to the best unfoldment of ones life as well as knowledge and communion of ones truest self. it is important concerning anything we set it motion by our will whether this be how we live day to day in our immediate interactions or whether we apply action at a distance (magick). For we are dealing here with the art of trajectory by which the arrow flies. We determine first our direction and then in our works, the direction of the work not only of its own intended directory but in relation to its divergence from our own realizing that the momentum propelling it has come from our own momentum and process.any course or orbit it takes depends on its initial point which is a point of ones own course or orbit.

The soil needed for an operation should strengthen and exalt the beneficial attributes and aspects within a chart for a given time of working. it should also balance and redirect unfavorable attributes and aspects when possible that they be transmuted during manifestation resulted in a more desired outcome. However, a much smoother emergence makes for a less hardy and much more delicate plant. Wherever communication in the chart can be strengthened, the more versatility will be given in the manifestation process. this increases the likelihood that a pathway occurs, though it decreases the likelihood of the work resolving in a way that has been anticipated.

Concerning the entry point of planetary forces, of those forces regarding planes. The degrees of the zodiacal circle are points of transition resonant with various points on other planes according to their own round Also especially, that the planets being the markers of these seven [planes], the physical bodies of the seven which also have their subtle, mental and causal bodies according to Platonic philosophy, are indicators. Just as our physical body is affected by our emotional mental and spiritual selves so is there influence between the four aspects of a planetary entity as that entity is reflected in the four worlds. Also the planets in Assiah, this plane, though they are physical, were seen to be bouys showing the flow of a less physical subplane of the physical plane. They are the representatives of the forces of the inner plane, stationed on this plane. Therefore just as a healthy body tends to indicate a lack of stress on the emotional and mental levels, an exalted planet means the subtle currents of that nature are in good manner.

hey move according to the rhythm that keeps things in order good or ill. They move, to use an Eastern name for what can not be named, with the fluctuations of the Tao. They move according to the flow of nature, to gravitational force just as atoms act according to the weak, strong and electromagnetic forces. Together, the four are the singularity of source that sustains heaven and Earth. It is the way that moves and sustains all myriad things in its division. This itself is magick, the correspondence of interacting forces whose dynamis is will.. it is what the Egyptians called Heka, or rather specifically Ma'at since we are talking also about the order of creation.

“Maat or Ma'at was the ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, law, ethics, and justice. Maat was also personified as a goddess regulating the stars, seasons, and the actions of both mortals and the deities, and whom set the order of the universe from chaos at the moment of creation.”

The geometry and interplay of this interconnected web being Fate, the Wyrd. We do our own weaving as well, by will,[which is the wyrd living in an entity experiencing a given point of the web] and it is this relationship between will and fate that one manifest things by means of magick. We weave, move and project our will to affect change at a distance. However, how that work unfolds and interacts with the situation it is to influence depends on the weaving of fate. Once it emerges it has a perspective and therefore a paradigm to react to.

For all the complexity of cosmic interaction, whether micro or macro, the procedure is as growing tomatoes. This shall be defined here as the will of the practitioner. There are three considerations. The first, is manifesting the tomato, whereby visualizes, forms and constructs that tomato sending it to manifest. let us say for sake of explanation that the practitioner makse a sigil for it and that represents the tomato seed. The information that is that tomato is in the sigil just like a seed.

Tomatoes prefer their soil to be slightly acidic, as this is what the tomato needs to grow optimally reaching its full potential. that, and water, lots of water. growing a tomato is pretty straight forward. as for a magical operation, it is a simple understanding to know that anything which is in the final form or is needed for transmutation into that which is in the final form, needs to come from somewhere Knowing the inclinations of how ones particular tomato will grow will, will allow them to encourage strengths and offset weaknesses as needed. the same is so for gathering the appropriate ‘soil’ for your magicking working after consulting an astrological chart, divination or oracle. The soil is the black art or alchemy of the process.

The tomato cage-tower is the celestial consideration. It is what the tomato has to work with as far as life's circumstances. it represents both the obstacles and means of the tomato on the path towards its full potential- your aim as the operative magician. just as the cage provides the framework for the tomato to climb, the chart represents the upward pathway of gnosis. The channel for the lightning comes up from the Earth before the lightning comes down to Earth. the direction of the tomato manifests from above before the tomato arises from below. The upana- the descending current of life is the momentum of prana- the ascending current and growth of life life arisen. This is the white or celestial aspect to the process.

Most practitioners only visualize charge and send their creation off into the world. They do not consider the soil, the aspects to be brought in, in the conjuring of the desired thing. Without the proper elemental forces to build up and and hold together the form, the thought-form will more quickly-dissipate.

Fewer still consider the unfolding pathworking and even gnosis of the thing they have put in motion, giving no mind to how it must struggle toward and resolve to an end. This step is the most difficult because one has to balance the continuation of that path way with keeping silent. Meaning, one has to know when the next step is to be taken and when to leave things alone and let them unfold. The key to initiating this third part is a strong lucidity of purpose. To know exactly why you are doing what you doing, where you are currently going, where you need to go, where you have been and how what you set in motion will be a continuation of your causation and thus what path-working will be connected to you.

If you can not visualize, charge and project your work will fizzle.
if you do not account for the soil, it will become unhinged and scatter.
if you do not account for the cage-tower it will be wayward
–and if it is has enough momentum, it can skew and forever alter ones life.

As the soil is black art of alchemy, and the cage-tower the white art of the celestial guidance, to will and manifest is the red arte, always between the black and the white, birthing the spectrum of experience.