The Bayberry Candle Working

"A bayberry candle burned to the socket, will bring joy to the heart and gold to the pocket."

Bayberry candles, would be given as gifts as a symbol of shared light, and burned down over the course of Yule-tide. Later they would be burned new-years night-to-day with the change of the calender.

The interesting thing about this ritual is that while being distinctly Yule it also has allot of Imbolc in it. There's an inward journey that starts with sacrificial death at Samhain, finding the inner light at Yule and moving forward with it at Imbolc.

As it's a giving of inner light the candle might have sigils or such representing the giver and the receiver. I've never seen anything specific other than symbols of giving and transfer are popular as well as solar imagery. Other than that a personal touch is very much part of the ritual.

There is also the less known but probably older: "A bayberry candle, burned to the socket, brings food to the larder and cash to the pocket." which was to make men better hunters and women better at finances... seeking as how they were head of the hearth. Gold of course, in the former having an exoteric and esoteric meaning.

Some, in the heart of the tradition would put whatever change they had on the outer window seal as an offering to good luck throughout the year.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Bayberry brings forth that which is within you, fear or bliss and is often banned in coven settings, especially when interacting with non-initiates because you never know what one is holding on to.