The Tablets of The Watchtowers
ᏣᎳᎩ ᏗᎪᏪᎶᏗᎪᏪᎵ (Tsalagi Digowelodigoweli) - Cherokee Tablets

-The Tabular representation of the Quarterly Watchers

In the [Ani-]Kutani Tradition the quarters are marked with four tablets which hang on the
quarterstaves (torches). These are charged with the cosmology of the tradition, in that therein
are the names of the very forces of creation which weave all things, all realities, driving
all alchemy, the motion of all celestial bodies and the synthesis and emergence of causation mirrored
in each of the four worlds. They representing the grand-mechanism as well, in reflection, the heart of and vessel
that is man into which we invoke the fifth part of supernal fire . They charge and ensoul the temple, in this case the circle,
lending much drive to the operation at hand, creating an electrofied atmosphere common to working with the Hyuntikwalaski-Thunderers.
For this reason the four tablets are called the Four Horseman.

Circle-work is considered the work of and becoming an adept, of rites of passage and dire need.
The Art of casting the circle in this way is called “Waking the Dragon”, or
“Waking up the universe to witness and therefore ordain the work, this it is already done” and thus
presenting the initiate to the four is a crucial step, as it:

a) reveals to them the round of their vessel, the medicine round
b) hermetically seals “petri dish” wherein the seeds of initiation are placed
c) presents them to the watchers, that they be watched and guided.

As such, most Thaumatological work, of matters concerning outward change, is not
practiced in circles unless the need is considered dire. A compass or caim may be preferred.

The Tablets thus, in praxis, are of fifth-fold importance:

a) Empowers, strengthens and sharpens the egregore of the tradition.
b) Provides calls for accessing all currents and states within the worldview
c) Acts as a battery for the concourse of forces.
d) Mirrors the cosmology explored through journeywork. 
e) Bears witness, of cosmology itself partaking.
   - Mara asked Buddha who would witness for him.
     He touched the ground and the whole of the Earth shook.

The tablets are not typically worked with at the first degree except in the
consecration of the working tools, however they are always present in circle
being a stand-in and vessel for the watchtowers, thus they are very important
in exposing the initiate to the egregore and the concourse of forces.

The initiate begins working them extensively at the second degree, intoning various calls
to definee the plane of causation from which they are consciously operating, or which state of being they wish to visit.
Each one of the four tablets represents one of the four world-trees for each world sans supernal correspondences.
Together, the four as the Great Tablet, represent the central world tree- the axis mundi.
These Trees, also known as towers or castles, are in the Kutani Tradition called mountains originally,
though all three terms are considered appropriate and often interchanged. As they embody the forces of the various planes
and their inter-relations as well as the inter-rations of elemental forces and their grades, the tablets are often
used to consecrate and doctor, as with the aforementioned elemental tools. 

In each tablet there is:
        One gatekeeper, regulating what traverses the barrier.
        Three ensigns, governing modality and therefore the zodiacal signs of the given element.
        Four microcosmic kerubic (primary) names, these being called for elemental consecrations
        Seven Macrocosmic names, being the watchers of that quarter for the seven inner planes.
Also, there are the four names of the Providences themselves the transcendence of each tablet. These names are not derived
from the tablets themselves, being greater than the sum of their parts. These are calls for the four Thundering Uktens, the winged-serpents.

The Tablet of ᎠᏥᎳ - Atsila (Fire)

Names of the Fire tablet

Gatekeeper: Oitse Teeaa Tsadoosi
(Oh-Ee-Chey Tey-Ey-Ah-Ah Cha-Doe-Oh-Ss-Ee)

King (Sol): Edoletsakanoaa

Lunae: Alenvdvvodv (ah-ley-nuh-duh-uh-Oh-duh)
Mercury: Anoodooinu (Ah-Noe-Oh-Doe-O-Ee-Noo)
Venus: Aatsadoosi (Ah-ah-Cha-Doe-Oh-Ss-Ee)
Mars: Aaetetseio (Ah-ah-Ey-Tey-Chey-Ee-O)
Jupiter: Adooeoeta (Ah-Doe-O-Ey-O-Ey-Tah)
Saturn: Akainanaatso (Ah-ka-Ee-Nah-Nah-Ah-Choh)

Air: Vdootsaa (Uh-Doe-O-Cha-Ah) Water: Vaneaa (Uh-Ah-Ney-Ah-Ah)
Earth: Vtsisuaga (Uh-Chi-Soo-Ah-Gah) Fire: Vsiisa (Uh-See-Ee-Ee-Ss-Ah)

The Tablet of ᎡᎶᎯ - Elohi (Earth)

Names of the Earth tablet

Gatekeeper: Mooka Diiali Hektegaa
(Moe-Oh-Ka Dee-Ee-Ah-Lee He-K(a)-Tey-Ga-Ah)

King (Sol): Igasiheiheali

Lunae: Lisiinootsoo (Lee-See-Ee-Noe-Oh-Cho-Oh
Mercury: Ahemilvigav (Ah-Hey-Mee-Luh-Ee-Gah-Uh)
Venus: Alihek(a)tegaa (Ah-lee-Hey-K(a)-Tey-Gah-Ah)
Liaidikaomo (Lee-Ah-Ee-Dee-Ka-O-Moe)
Jupiter: Agasiinooka (Ah-Gah-See-Ee-Noe-Oh-Ka)
Saturn: Liiianesaa (Lee-Ee-Ee-Ah-Ney-Sah-Ah)

Air: Navosaa (Nah-Uh-Oh-Sa-Ah) Water: Natsehakaa (Na-Chey-Ha-ka-Ah)
Earth: Nakagonaga (Nah-Ka-Go-Nah-ga) Fire: Naasmata (Nah-Ah-Ss-Mah-Tah)

The Tablet of ᎤᏃᎴ - Unole (Air)

Names of the Air tablet

Gatekeeper: Okao Ivaha Aositsii
(Oh-ka-Oh Ee-uh-ah-ha Ay-Oh-Tsi-Ee)
King (Sol): Vatvaivaha

Lunae: Hatvmookadaa (Ha-Tuh-Moe-Oh-Ka-Da-ah)
Mercury: Avtootaaka (Ah-uh-toe-Oh-tah-ah-ka)
Venus: Ahaaositsii (Ah-ha-ah-Oh-see-tsi-Ee)
Mars: Haaviokao (Ha-Ah-Uh-Ee-O-Ka-O)
Jupiter: Aaosaitse (Ah-Ah-Oh-sss-ah-Ee-Chey)
Saturn: Haitsatoogaa (Ha-Ee-cha-toe-Oh-ga-a)

Air: Ekaslaa (Ey-Ka-Ss-La-Ah) Water: Eyutetsia (Eh-Yoo-Tey-Chi-Ah)
Earth: Etanivka (Et-Tah-Nee-Uh-Ka) Fire: Eegisdi (Ey-Ey-Gee-Ss-Dee)

The Tablet of ᎠᎹ - Ama (Water)

Names of the Water tablet

Gatekeeper: Matsaha Akasoli Gaaiola
(Mah-Cha-Ha Ah-Ka-Soe-Lee Gah-Ah-Ee-Oh-La)

King (Sol): Kaaagaiosoli

Lunae: Liaoaekatse (Lee-Ah-Oh-Ah-Ey-Ka-Chey)
Mercury: Sooniisoniti (Soe-Oh-Nee-Ee-Soe-Nee-Tee)
Venus: Soligaaiola (So-lee-Gah-Ah-Ee-O-La)
Mars: Lisokaahatsama (Lee-Soe-Ka-Ah-Ha-Cha-Mah)
Jupiter: Soaiinoov (Soe-Ah-Ee-Ee-Noe-Oh-Uh)
Saturn: Liigadiisa (Lee-Ee-Gah-Dee-Ee-Ss-Ah)

Air: hetaaade (Hey-Tah-Ah-Ah-Dey) Water: hetidiimi (Hey-Tee-Dee-Ee-Mee)
Earth: hemaagela (Hey-Mah-Ah-Gey-La) Fire: Henelikae (Hey-Ney-Lee-Ka-Ey)

The Great Tablet

The Tablet of Quintessential Union

The names of the powers of the central cross that bind the tablets together as one, have their ow tabular form, known as the 'Tablet of Union' which used in ritual to create a spiritual crossroads, aiding the conjuring of the sacred fire, that is may descend into the space, and the souls of the practitioner which have been properly prepared for communion. The space prepared by the presence of the tablets, and the practitioners by their relationship to the directions, of their own four asgina (souls). The Tablet of Union is also that power and dynamis by which the tablets bind together their own quadrangles, under the authority of their king who is the celestial fire within them.
Thus, our ritual space looks something like this sans the altar:

*Note: Tablets arranged to the base elemental sequence of- E:Fire S:Air W:Water N:Earth. When working on the inner planes they are set up Astrologically- E:Fire S:Earth W:Air N:Water.

To consider how this relates to pathworking within the four worlds and on the planes, consider the following image:

The Tablets are here represented as the four Qabbalistic trees, with the King (Chief) and Elders of each tablet labeled on the corresponding tree. The practitioner stands in Malkuth at his or her altar. The work of the practitioner of the first degree is elemental mastery of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, and the synthesis of the fourfold self yielding the discovery of the spiritual inner willfire of truth whose color is green. This being the first stirrings of the serpent fire as well as the contact and communion with the true self or H.G.A. as it is known in Thelema.

This is the work of the 1st degree, the mastery being the threshold into the inner locus of the adepti, the second degree. This first tier is the work of the four lowest sephiroth on the Qabbalistic tree in their elemental nature. This, is the fortification of the psyche the through mastery of such rites as the rituals rituals of the pentagram or any rite of the alchemical operation of the fourfold self eventually leading to the realization of the fifth-part.

Upon this realization the practitioner, now of the adepti, will be be able to take each experience as that, an experience, with such lucidity of the unfolding event as an initiatory process that they will avoid any traumatic experiencess that may be otherwise internalized. This is an ongoing process.

Now being ready to rise on the planes, the practitioner may do so one of two ways.

a) By journey work and current riding, traveling up any of the trees. Where there are usually 22 paths accessible on the tree there are now 88, as all things are fourfold in this way and as we shall see there in actuallity 44 more accessible in this system yielding 132- the number of Q.B.L. Also, there are 40, actually 60 sephiroth. This allows for greater exploration and understanding of the nature of the paths and sephiroth. 60 and 132 yields 192, with +4 for Da'ath is 196, the value for “hidden place” or “it is hidden”. Lastly, one may of course travel the course of the round moving from Yesod to Yesod, Hod to Hod, etc. Likewise, center-point of Malkuth to the furthest circle of the threshold of Kether by going to the deepest reaches of the inward.

b) Through ritual, either by counter-clockwise circambulation or by evoking a sphere, as is done with the hexagram formula. This circular formulae is represented well here with the overlaying of concentric circles on the tree. As the practitioner ascended so does their sphere of awareness grow to encompasses the sphere of that plane, so that they are operating with an engagement of the full wound of that plane with the watchers at their stations. The names of the elders for each planet being, in a actually the name of the watchers stationed at the quarters of that plane. This gives the practitioner greater control over the alchemical forces, processes and overall weaving of operative plane just as working with the four bodies yields transformative mastery of self.

The four trees in a state of chaos is the qlippothic tree of the seven hells. The four trees in mediation are here. (see also, seven Earths) The four trees in celestial harmony is the ascending tree of the heavens.

Sea, Land, Sky - The three realms that spin about the stang (see picture of circle).

Thus, the egregore which is the cosmology and worldview is thus:

The above image shows the various levels of existential being, of the various planes and the pathways there-between.
Just as the four trees, or mountains are joined at each level by concentric circles, the six are connected by concentric spheres. Each sphere is squared by a companion cube, a level of nested ogdoadic geometry.

The Aethyrs
The Aethyrs, not show here, are the philosophical modalities of sulfur, mercury and salt operating each sphere of connected sephiroth (the spheres o the tree of life). They are as the ensigns of any given elemental tablet, which are associated to the same modalities, in that they rule the powers of formation of the reality of any expression of that world by the proper kindling of the celestial fire that is the solar king and lord of manifestation for that tablet. Thus the aeythers are the realmsof formation for the given sephira. The governors are the sub-modalities, just as the elemental tablets have sub-elemental components. The Aethyrs are to the sephiroth and modalities what the four tablets are to the four fundamental forces. The governors exist in both 'horizontal' and 'vertical' planes of application at the same time and thus have their correspondences on both the axis mundi and ay plane which has a spacial representation that can be mapped. This is why they are associated with both the aethyrs and the parts of the Earth. Their nature is not unlike that of the stang, world tree or axis mundi itself. Following this nature, the aethyrs themselves can either be seen as the heaven, earth and hell of their associated sephira or as divisions of the horizontal plane thereof. In truth, the aethyrs are a spiral, in image of their power of manifestation, covering both the ascent and the round. This is easier to conceptualize on any one mountain or tree, and very counter intuitive when the round is a sphere, requiring a extra-dimensional spiral. The spiral of each tree is the a spiral of an expanding space-time, from a singularity which is beyond space and time. The atemporal realm is the realm of the Thunderers, and it is by their power and the expression of station that they construct and weave space-time. The Aeythers then,are being within the ley lines of creation wherein the power of the Ukten-fire in conjuring, sustaining and maintaining all reality. This is so, as the governors arethe pathways constituting the fabric of each tablet, which are the representation of powers which constitute the crossroads on every level of existence. Thus do the governors, ad every entity of the tablets live within the crossroads.As the Seniors and Kings mark the directions of each plane as an avatar of providence of each tablet/mountain so do the governors exist within the space, allspaces created by the directions.

The Heptarchy Also not shown here is the Heptarchy, which is to the planetary powers what the elemental tablets are to the elements. Here the planetary powers and sub-planetary powers are expressed. There are also elemental correspondences linking the Heptarchy to the elemental tablets. The ruler of 'element of planet' is the same as the senior/elder of 'planet of element' on the elemental tablets. The reason being, that you are dealing with the same essence and point between those worlds.

The Zodiacal System
The ensigns, because they have both elemental and modal essences, connect the four tabletswith the zodiac where the three ensigns of a tablet are of the three signs of that element.

Thus there are four inter-locking systematic parts of the larger system:
a) The Watchtowers - Four Fundamental Forces - The creation of ceremonial space
b) The Aethyrs - The system of modality and sephirotic expression - Philosophic exploration of manifestation
c) The Heptarchy - Of the names and times proper to call the virtues of the planets and clans.
d) The Zodiac - Of the ways the fundamental forces and planetary powers are operating under the modality of will.
As the four tablets are bound together so to are the study of these four parts in the understanding and wisdom of the One Thing, that is not one. The Ukten is that singular power of gnosis,and by that power of gnosis is also the myriad witnesses thereof, and thus while the previous images showed the paths and levels of creation, here is shown the myriad expression of the Ukten, the personifications of the entities which sustain all heaves, earths ad hells:

This has been a presentation on how these concepts relate to this tradition.
For an overview of the Enochian tablets as standard, visit this link: