Danuwaanalihiwalelu ᏓᏄᏩᎠᎾᎵᎯᏩᎴᎷ - Hummingbird Warrior

Ka! Walelu!, bird of humming heavenly fire
bird of amazing grace, timeless one
of the moment everlasting
whom lives both in what is lost,
and in wanting desire of emergent blossom
bear forth what is to be found,
ye restorer of vintage and harvest
of taboo and tradition,
Ka! Huitzilopochtli!,
Turquoise prince,
Warrior of the fire of the sun,
that it may not be devoured
snuffed out by the serpents breath
Warrior of justice, of covenant
Your warriors give their heart to thee
still beating from within their breast
They journey to you now, as thee are,
in combat, upholding the honor of dawn
liberated, for these are the adepts,
the keepers of initiation, Ye hummingbirds who would sooner die,
than to let their flame be extinguished,
they may be killed, though never defeated
for they are as eternal as their spirit unbroken
yeah, and into rapture they destroy the destroyer.
Ka! Itseiyusdi Tsiqua!, green bird of the crossroads
Thee I invoke, ageless one beyond the path served
Thee I invoke, lover and beloved of the story,
the companion of the telling,
Thee I invoke, messenger of the sweetness of the way.