To Bring Under the Protection, Pathworking and Parental Custody of Family

   1 Purple Candle; representing the mother or father. A blood-red candle is a very appropriate alternative, esp. in representation of the father.
   1 White Candle; representing the child and so on for each thereafter.
   Bonding Oil
   Incense of Dragon's Blood
   Altar Candle; and all things used to cast a circle. If the Purple candle represents you, use that.
   A Picture; of the parent(s) with the child. Alternatively separate pictures may be used. As ancestral spirits are to be called for this rite it is also beneficial to include other pictures of family, esp. those passed. Even better if the rite is done at the family altar.
   Hair; of both parent and child
   Blood; of both parent and child.
   Blood Red Chord(s).
   Angelica Root
   White handled knife, properly consecrated.

I. Undergo a ritual bath of Betany, better yet with the Witch-bottle formulae concerning it (sans nettles). Make any pre-ritual preparations.

II. Decree "Hekas! Hekas! Este Bebeloi!" to enter ritual mindset. Perform the QC as is your discretion in preparation for casting the circle; during which you shall call the Ancestors of Creation at their appropriate quarters.

III. Anoint the Angelica root with the bonding oil and the blood of the parent or elder member of the family. Hold the root in your receptive hand for the entirety of this part. If you are of the family, Invoke the ancestral spirits.

Wiwadvhv ayv Nunnehi
Come to me Nunnehi
Ayv udanti Nunnehi
I invoke thee Nunnehi
Ayv udanti adanvdo
I invoke thee ancestral heart

If you are not evoke the proper spirits and ask for guidance,
IV. Burn Incense of Dragons blood or a combination thereof with Betany. If you have not already done so as preparatory work, use the white-handled knife to inscribe the name of the parent upon the purple candle. Do likewise the child's name upon the white candle. It is best to use or at least include the true or "power" names of each providing they have one. Affectionate names between them may and should be used also to strengthen the bond. The candles are then to be anointed with the bonding oil infused with blood.

VI. Anoint the chord(s) in oil and blood. Tie the chord around the purple candle so that the candle goes through a knot in the center of the chord leaving two tethers which are then tied to the white candle. Having done so correctly there should appear to be "two" chords between the candles. Such is the communication and mediation in all harmonious relationships. During or after this process the hair should be fastened either to the chords at length or in the knot with the candles. Repeat this process for every children's candle. The knots of attachment should be toward the bottom of the candle for all practicability. When using multiple child candles pay attention to geometry.

VII. From the altar/presence candle light the parent candle and therewith light the child candle(s). Light them eldest to youngest, If you have used the parent candle as the altar candle it should already be lit. when using the parent candle make sure the candle and chords are properly prepared before the rite, knotting the candle before it is lit. Stare into the flames visualizing the desired interaction. Of tradition, stories may be told and songs sung that it might reach them by means of the spirit.

VIII. When it is time, and the candles are still burning, use the white-handled knife to make an inch deep pit at the top of the Angelica root. Take some of the hair from the candles if possible, and along with incense ash, (Betony if not within said ash) and liquid wax from the candles (having therein oil and blood), and add them into the pit. Place the root in-between the candles and continue your intent upon the them.

IX. As the candles are finishing or the time seams right, take the wax from the children(s) candles and fill the pit close to capacity along with the remaining hair sans a few strands from parent and child. Then take the wax from the purple candle and create a seal. It is best to do this when the parent candle still has running wax. With the white-handled knife carve the family seal or emblem. A sigil of the last name can be used.

X. Take the photo of the parent and child and fold it in such a way that it becomes a container with the image being on the inside. Place therein the piece of the root you carved out to make the pit. Place also whatever incense ash and betony to have left. Fasten it with the remaining hair and chord. This can either be used as a stand alone charm or placed within a medicine bag. Plant the Angelica root, preferably close to the child's current residence, sense of home, place of comfort or sacred space. When there is need of this rite the root is to come from the Angelica plant planted by closest kin, if possible and especially if it was planted for this purpose.

XI. Closing circle praxis.
 a) If the children are close their candles may also be directly knotted together
 b) A mixture of both parent's blood may be substituted for the child's,
        half isn't satisfactory but is still a potent link.
  c) This is presented as a family rite, it can be used to strengthen covens sans blood.
        Blood can be used here for added will-force and pacts but there is little reason for this.