Hexagram Formulae

The hexagram is the signet of the inner order, the hexagrams being used for working and rising on the inner planes and therefore correspond to the Sephiroth of Yetzirah. In fact, within the Tree of Life Yetzirah is depicted as a Hexagram. It's placement being much more straight-forward than that of the Pentagram. Yet the actual use of the hexagrams, due to their many forms and tracings can be far more intimidating in practice. Now, before we examine the hexagrams, let us consider the polarity of the planetary spectrum of forces to be invoked or evoked which follow the lightning strike as it is in Yetzirah.

There are three spacial axis to a cube, the hexagram being thus with the top-down or Z axis acting also as an axis of time for it is the beginning and the end of the progression of forces from Briah though Saturn/Da'ath to Assiah through Luna/Yesod. Saturn/Da'ath and Luna/Yesod are in the occult, represent the higher and lower timings of nature respectively. Through the former does the agencies of heaven come into the soul of man, and the hexagram of space-time formed. Through the latter does the manifestations within the soul of man come into the physical world through the processes thereof. Through the other two axis are paired Jupiter-Venus and Mars-Venus. Sol is the mediating point and convergence of harmonics between all three axis.

Saturn and Luna - Higher and Lower Timing
Jupiter and Mercury - Expansion and Adaptive Integration
Mars and Venus - Direct Force and Nurturing Force
Sol - Convergence of all three Axis

Now that the polarities inherent within the hexagram formula have been explained, the invoking hexagrams can be readily understood, in simplicity. Whereas the pentagrams are unicursal in the tracing and therefore mediation of forces, the hexagrams are di-cursal in nature in that they are compossed in the tracing of two triangles. For instance, when tracing the invoking pentagram of Saturn, we trace, from the point of Saturn, clockwise, the upper triangle and the trace clockwise the lower triangle, from Luna invoking it as a counter polarity and current which completes the circuit. Likewise when tracing the invoking hexagram of Venus, we trace first from Venus which happens to be of the lower triangle. Then we invoke the polar opposite on the axis, which is Mars, when tracing the upper triangle. If one can commit this rule to memory they need not commit the image of each hexagram to memory. As there is no point within the tracing of the hexagram from which to invoke Sol, and yet because it is the mediation of all planetary powers, it is invoked by the invocation of all six of the other planetary currents. After tracing the hexagram you trace therein the sign of the planet to be invoked before vibrating the name of the desired entity. The banishing hexagrams are of the same procedure, primary current first, though being counter-clockwise. Also, while not normally done a clockwise primary current with a counter-clockwise secondary current will polarize the atmosphere toward the primary as it is being brought in while while the secondary current is being banished into the self. Be very careful of what you bring into your soul in this manner.

Like the pentagram the hexagram also has elemental attributions and also likewise the points are aligined to the four elemental tablets of Enochian Magick. Unlike the pentagram however the elements are read in a different sequence, that of the elements as they appear in the zodiac. The Zodiac representing the elemental currents within the realm of planetary magick. Following the elemental points quarterly we derive the sequence: Fire, Earth, Air Water. These elements, like the nature of zodiacle signs, can be invoked in all three modalities of cardinal-sulphur, fixed-salt and mutable-mercury whereas the pentagrams deal chiefly with fixed attribution. To invoke a modality of an elemental force, trace within the hexagram the appropriate zodiacal sign before invoking the element just as you traced the kerubic signs in the pentagram rites. Being an adept the student may experiment, at this point with using the other modalities with the pentagram however, there are reasons this is not standard and the student should be most sure they understand the mechanisms at work. As the hexagram is the gate and the symbol therein the force called, if you trace the sign of aries after tracing the hexagram of water you are calling the Aries of the realm of water, not honing on Arie's Pure or cardinal nature of Fire. In truth, the signs of the zodiac are in classical thought, themselves entities whom are reflected in each elemental world just as the planets and Man. Each exalted and dominantly aware in their dominant spheres.

Aries - Cardinal Fire
Taurus - Fixed Earth
Gemini - Mutable Air
Cancer - Cardinal Water
Leo - Fixed Fire
Virgo - Mutable Earth
Libra - Cardinal Air
Scorpio - Fixed Water
Saggitarius - Mutable Fire
Capricorn - Cardinal Earth
Aquarius - Fixed Air
Pisces - Mutable Water

It is extremely important to note however that while the practitioner can invoke specified forces and entities, that the formation of the experiential state, whether by integration or entropy, is subject to the mediation of the practitioner's will. The will affects all axis and all dimensions of the soul nurture the flame of the spirit. Again, this is the work of the properly prepared adept whom is prepared to face the trauma of their psychological nature which is the soul. The inner realms are not as static as the outer world we know. It is mutable, capable of changing in the blink of the eye, as a dream. To understand this we must recognize that there are two points of spirit in the formula of the hexagram.