Thee Home-Court Advantage Working

This working is done in protection from and confrontation with outside oppressors to homestead and community. It is especially to be used by all indigenous in their own tongue, symbols and attributions. It is exponential in power when used in communal solidarity. Relationship to the land is crucial and as such, Elohi ᎡᎶᎯ, should at least be understood to be present, working in the background. Here is exalted the law of the land, as is the way thereof and of the keepers thereof. The working has great affect in defending the laws of a people and in a larger sense their inherent sovereignty, even within a foreign and oppressive court of law. Thus this working is also called the sovereignty or "Sovereign Working".

 A stick of wood from ones yard, wand quality, preferably Oak or Hazel
 A red ribbon or cloth
 Strands of one's hair
 High-John oil

I. Upon the ribbon draw a fisted hand upright in solidarity holding stickball sticks and write:
Ayv Gadohi, Ayv Gadugi, Ayv Duyugodv
My/Me land, My/Me Community, My/Me Justice

II. Having acquired the "stick" from the yard,  rub it thoroughly with High-John oil. Infuse the hair and the ribbon with the oil as well. Doing each individually ensures a proper coating.

III. Wrap the ribbon around the "stick", fastening it with your hair.

IV. Carry it in your pocket while involved in representation and battle.

Note(s): a) The stick is a wand, use it as such, and the working shall give you influence over all thought-forms in your domain as has hereby been expressed by the crafting. Thus it can be used by the capable adept to sway popular opinion by mental transmutation of the atmosphere and those subject to it.
b) The working is especially effective if the wood and ribbon are acquired by, infused with the oil and charged by a male practitioner who then gives the doctored ingredients to a Clan Mother or female head of the household whom then inscribes the ribbon and binds the working together with her hair, the oil also being charged by the male practitioner and he may also provide his hair for her use.