Kana'ti ᎧᎾᏘ - The [Lucky] Hunter

Kana'ti, The Lucky Hunter, is both the lord of the chase , and the lord of discipline. He is man, as lover and father yet also is he the faithful sage whose love is carried within long after the knowing. He is both the hunter and the hunteed, the knower of pain,.and he who brings it bear. He is the provider, and to provide he taketh away. He gather the seed of the Corn mother. He forages for her works, brings to her, into the world that which she conjures and nurtures. He is struggle incarnate, the light and the darkness, order and ruin. He who lives within the twilight of loss and life. His burden, is to continually watch his love die, that she be taken from him so all else may live and be told. Thus is he the lord of the double-edged arrow, the double edged blade, the keeper of the meaning of sacrifice. He who witnesses the oath of the blood and the flesh.

He keeps the whole of the world on point, and comes to the aid of the great bird Tlanuwa, freeing it always from the deathblows of the Uktena, that the land shall not sink into the abysmal waters. In this role, as with many is he one with the Thunder and the Red Man of victory. For this, did Tlanuwa give him a medicine pouch to conjure game, that he shall always be lucky in the hunt.

"Unelanvhi is displeased that you have forgotten the ways of your people.You have accepted the ways of those lacking principle. You can see for yourself, your hunting is gone and you are not planting the corn-seed of your ancestors. Your medicine has become week, you are broken. The round of your ceremonies is in a bad way. You have neglected those ceremonies. They honor the covenant-fire of who you are. You have neglected yourself, your honor. Your ancestors wait for you still, at the crossroads, ready to hand you the torch of sacred fire. They shall stay with you till down and sing with you as you go down to the river to pray.”

Selu bore Kana'ti two children, The Thunder Twins, Tohinusdvtsutsa and Inage Utasuhi.
His children mirror the extremes of his youth, and two sides of his nature that must be balanced through and by discipline. Tohinusdvtsutsa was born out of the 'civilized' man within Kana'ti while Inage Utasuhi was born of the savage beast within. Some stories say that Inage Utasuhi is the younger brother, and came came into being when the blood of the deer hunted by Kana'ti touched the body of Selu and was washed away to the spirit of the river to be reborn. It is also said that this a story for polite company, and that Kana'ti came onto Selu, as a stag , and it was from this act of union that she bore Inage Utasuhi. Still others say that no transformation was needed, that both natures exist within Kana'ti and that Selu's pregnancy was dual, as Kana'ti is the lord of the double-edged arrow.

Kana'ti is sometimes equated with 'First Man' though that title is more appropriately given to the consort of the, Strawberry Woman, who fell to Elohi (Earth) from Galvladitlv (The World Above/Heaven). Kana'ti is seen as the embodiment of what it is to be a man, and the aspiring role-model for men seeking to be in right relationship with themselves and all things. The male practitioner of medicine strives ever to embody the virtues of Kana'ti, as women strive to embody the virtues of Selu