The Atsildihyegi and the Atsildihyegv – Na Atsildihyegi ale na Atsildihyegv
The Lucifer and the Lucifera

Atsildihyegi and Atsildihyegv are the dual masculine and feminine polarities and expressive aspects of Atsila Galvkawetiyu, the divine fire, also known as Wyrdfire, or Witchfire, the essence of the plummed-serpent by which myriad things, characters and stories come into existence. Any being that bears, champions and expresses the mysteries of this fire is considered an aspect of Atsildihyegi or Atsildihyegi and thus given the title thereof- which are Lucifer and Lucifera in the romanized world. These are the gods of gnosis, enlightenment, self-realization, revelation, aspiration, truth and mystery, essence, substance, depth, initiation, conjure, sorcery, and pathworking - the journey to and mastery of your own inner fire. In this guiding role they are psychopomps, shedding light on the deepest and sometimes uncomfortable aspects of self. Their name etmyologicaly means “light bearer” from the Latin words “lucis’ meaning light, and “ferre”, to bear or carry and are thus referred to as torch-bearers. The Tsalagi word for such a being is Atsildihyegi having the root ‘Atsil[a]’ meaning fire and translated as ‘fire carrier’ , with a feminine form being given here as Atsildihyegv for distinction. As they represent different perspectives of the first notion and gnostical contemplation of being, the first utterance of “I AM” from which all identity formation follows, all deities can be understood as expressions of them, however as we are upholding here the sacredness of identity formation it should be noted that each is their own entity, with their own experiences and conclusions. Grandmother Spider, Galoneda and Kutani are also light-bearers. Atsildihyegi and Atsildihyegv are twin flames, the osculating, pattern-creating life by which all things, through duality emerge from the fire of paradoxic-singularity.

The Divine Ageyv and Asgaya:
As the torchbearers of enlightenment
and psychopomps of the soul
are known as Atsildihyegv and Atsildihyegi
As the children of the Thunderer (Ukten)
they are known as Hyuntikwalaski Ageyv and Hyuntikwalaski Asgaya
In essence, as the first monads of gender, they are fire, Itseiyusdi Ageyv and Itseiyusdi Asgaya
in the expression of their paradox, their atemporality and the union of their expressions,
they are Agisegwa and Atsvyegwa
and as the union and separation of expressions,
as the totality of their expressions as one and many,
Seeing through the eyes of all their perspectives and worlds,
they are Asegi Ageyv and Asegi Asgaya
Whom personified as our progenitors are Asegi Unitsi and Asegi Adadoda

Ageyv Itseiyusdi, is the essence of the feminine fire and role of Atsildihyegv
Ageyv Itseiyusdi is Selu when within the story
Ageyv Itseiyusdi is Asegi Ageyv when observing themselves as the character observing the story.
Asegi Ageyv, is the ageyv whom has embraced her asgaya half and come to the place between worlds.
Selu (corn) is the present participate of a triad along with Watsigu (squash) and Duya (beans), wherein Watsigu is the past participate and Duya is the future participate. The three together are known by the name Agisegwa whom is also identified as Asegi Ageyv or Asegi Unitsi
As these three plants sustain eachother in ecological harmony so to are the worlds of ‘above’ and ‘below’ in homeostasis with our world. Keeping this way has always been a chief component of the medicine.
Agisegwa being then, the axis mundi about which these three worlds spin.

Asgaya Itseiyusdi, is the essence of the masculine fire and role of Atsildihyegi
Asgaya Itseiyusdi, is Kana'ti when within the story
Asgaya Itseiyusdi is Asegi Asgaya when observing themselves as the character observing the story.
Asegi Asgaya, is the ageyv whom has embraced his Ageyv half and come to the place between worlds.
Kana'ti is a triad with Ayvdaqualosgv (Thunder) and particularly Asgaya Gigage
(of which Kutani is derived) among the four AniAsgaya,
not unlike the relationship between Azazel, Qayn and Pan-Cernunnos within traditional witchcraft.
His two extremes, of order and unrule manifest with his two sons, The thunder twins, who are less disciplined than he.
It is through the traditions of the Asgaya Gigage'i (Red man), Kutani that this discipline is learned.
Being clad in tradition, the way is orthopraxic, being experiencial it is a mystery tradition.

Asegi translates ‘weird’ thus Asegi Asgaya and Asegi Ageyv translate as “Wyrd Man” and “Wyrd Woman”, also being refereed to as Asegi adadoda and Asegi unitsi, ‘Wyrd Father” and “Wyrd Mother”. In traditional witchcraft at large, The Wyrd Father and the Wyrd Mother, also known as the WitchFather and Witchfmother are titles by which Hekate Lucifera and Baphomet (Lucifer-Hesperus) are known. Thus they are welcomed as cultural manifestations of Asegi Unitsi and Asegi Adadoda. They have much to teach regarding the mysteries thereof, and considered here adopted ‘friends of the family’, godparents who guide our kin to this way.

They are of course separate entities in their own right, yet characters and champions of the green fire-essence, referred to here in dual-gendered form as the Atsildihyegi and Atsildihyegv, and more notably to the forms which bear the sacred fire. Though it should be understood here that these terms also refer to specific deities within the Etruscan-Roman pantheon; in which which Hekate is Hekate Lucifera, consort of [Hekatos-]Lucifer, of which Baphomet is a Pan- Luciferian figure thereof.

The relationship between the divine Asgaya and the Ageyv in the causality of all myriad things as they emerge and are weaved by the sacred will-fire is conveyed though the imagery and story of Ulisi Kahnanesgi, Grandmother Spider. From the realm of paradox, the tri-fold nature between the three realms does the fire ‘arise’, having descended from the eighth heaven which in truth is neither above nor within the depth below, as again it spans all realms and from the crossroads of these is it conjured.

Her eight legs represent the dual nature of the four familiar forces, the self-contemplation and exploration of the four essenences, the fundamental elements of nature by which the philosophers of old knew as fire, earth, air and water, of which in modern times manifest as our understanding of the strong, gravitational, elector-magnetic and weak forces. The Ogdoad (eight), of which she weaves, are the key to reconciling the crossroads of the tetrad and that of the triad, (and thus pentad and hexad) and the entanglement of mater and pater, the paradox of whether the fire arises out of the base, or whether from it all myriad things are derived. Grandmother spider weaves a place for the filth-part of the sacred fire, which in turn is her central locus and means of weaving all that is. She is a water spider, and thus here is conjoined the primal and principle elements of fire and water, both of which have a primary importance in Tsalagi nvwoti medicine. Here is the union of the Adanvdo, the sum of parts, and that divinity placed within which exceeds the sum. Medicine is the native word for magick, which among many things is correspondence between will-fire and fate. Anything one does to themselves they do to everything within their observance, likewise all experiences one into motion externally are events which also resolve internally. the erb and the spider are in truth, one. It is this relationship which in the East is known as Karma, and thus does Grandmother Spider reveal the Weaving of Duyugodv. The way of nature, which we call right-relationship and stated simply by some as, The Tao.

The circle depicted intersecting the triquetra in the initial picture presented represents a canvas -Space. The point within the Circle represents time, incarnation. The three points outside the circle represent the three as they exist beyond paradigm, beyond space-time, before creation. The Ukten: Unelanvhiagatiya became divided for the love of union. Yet, outside of temporal existence it could not fully live as any one thing separately.

The Circle is the Lucifera as the barrier, the womb and circum-stance, of fate.
There is a saying “he circle binds yet sets us free” alluding to the mysteries of fate and will.
The Circle is also our experience in this incarnation,
and as such in traditional witchcraft the Lucifera is known as “old fate”
As Wyrd works its weave and emerges through the gate of the will
that makes it’s way among all of the quarters of the circle,
there it emerges forth as ones lot, the state of the ‘circum-stands-ial’ outward revealing
of inward forces, forms and processes.
This can not be stated enough:
‘we do not see things as they are, we see them as we are"
Thus it is also known, fondly, as Babalon, the temptress, and courting her is a love for life.
Being the barrier, straddling two sides
she helps the incarnate god remember who he was outside of time, before he became the lord thereof.
she is also called the Dame, when we chase instead of being tempted, if there is a difference only she knows.
She, is life’s experience

As the point within her bounds, he is the Bucca, as in “Buck”, a horned fellow. The Man-Beast, the flesh. Lucifer who has become Pan. The experiencer, “You are here” and this is life. often he is called Cernunnos by many. When his appearance is more human than beastly he is understood to be Qayin, and the form deviates from this telling and it is Lucifera who has come to Earth, her name is known to many as Aradia. As the gate between his incarnation, and a-temporal nature, he is known by traditional witches was Azazel.

It is recommended that the student, in deep thought of all that has been said, experience and explore Hadit, Nuit and Ra-Hoor-Huit, the manifestation of what has been revealed here, within the tradition of Thelema.Within Hebraic tradition the Lucifera is known as the Ama Elohim, while the Lucifer is known as the Abba Elohim, the mother and father of the Elohim, the old Canaanite gods. Within alchemical tradition they are known as the Divine king and the Divine Queen. Of these things, consider a role reversal. In closing, a few more words on the Lucifer and Lucifera as they are to be found in the various spiritual traditions of the world:

The Lucifera – AtsildihyegvThe Lucifer – Atsildihyegi
She who is called “The Lady of The Moon”, “The Tripple Goddess” and “The Eternal Womb”; The Goddess of the Witches is she who nourishes the divine seed of creation, she is the soil and the dark depths of the mind- the creatrix. As Diana and Selene she is the silver splendor of the Moon. As Persephone and Brighid she is the young maiden. As Demeter is the great mother and as Gaia she embraces us all. As Cerredwyn she is eternal womb of rest and rebirth, and the Crone who guards the deepest of mysteries in the primordial dark. As Shekinah she is the presence and glory of God. As Isis it is she who lifts the veil of illusion. As Hekate she is all these things; Triple Goddess, key to the mysteries, illuminating upon the pathways of the soul. As Hekate Phosphorous she is the female adept who has embraced her masculine side and found equilibrium.

Her grace is reflected in the phases of the Moon as it is said to be one of her many manifestations. Know her through the great depictions of feminine nature, divinity and the women around you, yet above all from within.
He who is called “The Lord of Death and Resurrection” and “The Gate Keeper at the End of Time”; The God of the Witches is depicted with much vitality and potency, and the primal beastial qualities expressed as the wild stag or wise satyr (goat-man) and is thus decreed the “Horned One” who is sheer masculine force and yet ever gentle as the lover. As Cernunnos he is the projective, forceful, unbound and sexual male essence. As Pan and Herne he is the pleasure seeking faun ecstatic of the natural world. As the Greenman he is the sheer expression of Divinity flowing through our veins as well as all life and indeed life itself. As Baphomet he is the the male adept who has embraced his feminine side and found equilibrium

His stride is reflected in the course of the Sun as it is said to be one of his many manifestations. Know him through the great depictions of masculine nature, divinity, and the in the men around you, yet above all from within.
*The association of the Lucifer Lucifera with Sol and Lunae is outer plane formula, as Tsalagi rites are normally correspondent to inner plane formula this is reversed, with the Kana'ti associated with Lunae, and Selu with sol. However this reversed in some medicine formula, such as those which call Ageyvguga, a feminine name and personification of the moon.