Concerning Magick-Craft

To understand the genesis of magick we must cite the word Heka, as the word is called in the Egyptian tongue, which has a dual meaning of "far", "at a distance" and "correspondence". It is also the root of Hekau, "words of power" or "to speak with power". Then there being Hekatos, an obscure form of Apollo which means "action at a distance" and of course there is Hekate, “she that operates from afar" or “the far-reaching one” and we see here that magick infers entanglement through correspondence. Now Apollo is solar, he is the younger god still in the process of finding discipline. In this regard Magick is the discipline and proper application of ourselves and all agencies in our orbit- there being the theurgic model. For all operations of the Sun described in the Emerald Tablet, are in truth the operations of the self.

Thus Magick entails the following:

1. Correspondence between inner and outer world
2. Being able to reach out and cause change at a distance
3. Directing this by will, the solar light of man
4. Awareness - You have to be aware of causation to properly direct it.
5. Causing change of state, either to yourself (Theurgy) or to some desired thing or situation. (Thaumatology)

So magick is defined as such:

"Magick is the correspondence and harmony between microcosm and macrocosm as directed and willed by consciousness; either toward the transcendent experience of inner and outer worlds as One; or to cause a certain occurrence or state."

It is the union of Alchemy as inner transformation and Astrology as the outward change of atmosphere.
It also, in this manner is the union of Yoga and Meditation
Yoga is outward Meditation
Meditation is inward Yoga
Magick is the Hieros Gamos
The Sacred Marriage between them.

In the practice of it is important to keep in mind the following:

Magick has no need of fact. Fact is truth defeated, fallen short of glory. Fact is but one fruit, Magick the garden and the gardening.

Fact is objective, tangible, quantifiable, post-manifestation. Magick is thee art of manifesting, it's a process and a weaving, not a result. Therefore magick is beyond any end, any purpose, not good nor evil. It does not covet, nor does it giveth without sacrifice. To work magick is to stir the potential in oneself and others, that it does not stagnate and become unrecognizable of them. Creativity is the stirrings of potential and forget not that magick is called Thee Art. To work magick is to show that just as a skillful artisan works yarn into a sweater, so to does the winding path become something greater than the reflected struggle of circumstance; circumambulating, only the yarn-working remains.
Fact is the outcome of the experiment. Magick is the experiment; the manipulation of the uncertainty principle. It is the courage to dive into the unknown chasm, not in spite of living but for the sake of it. It is the power to change destiny, sacrificing what is for what could be. To change that which is ordained.

It is heritage, a way to be in touch with ones ancestors, whom are the land. It provides continuity not only to one’s life but the traditions that have come to make it. It is inward revelation of self, family and community. Those I gather with in circle are a part of me. My power is theirs to wield. It is that communion which is ecstasy. There are no words suitable for the craft. It is love and it is trust, but in all things it is intimacy. It is the kind of liberation gained from realizing you need seek nothing more than your nature which binds.


It's cost is most dire, experience itself, yet its yield is equally great. Though only when you return to yourself do you know the cost is a fair one.

Therefore as it is just,
let it be called medicine.