On Observation

I. We can only know what we experience, either internally or externally.
II. This, and the concern for its abuse is the beginning of all wisdom.
III. Truthfully, we can not even distinguish between the internal or external,
IV. That is, not in any absolute manner beyond our mode(l) of perception.
V. Anything observed affects the psyche, therefore I must treat everything as real.
VI. Realizing and treating experiences for what they are, suffering is diminished.
VII. Realness is the degree of lucidity by which a thing is realized, from "res", a thing.
VIII. Nothing unreal exists; nothing unreal can be observed by the psyche.
IX. However, not everything exists within ones current objective paradigm.
X. To be quantifiable, a thing must exist within the confines of space-time.
XI. To be falsifiable, a thing must exist within your experiential sphere of space-time.
XII. Every paradigm has it's place, boundaries are the key to sanity.
XIII. Shared observation is not a proof, yet is a viable model for meeting.
XIV. You can not say, "Only the visible spectrum is true" because we all see.
a- Yet, where observed models overlap, is there forged, a pathway to be had.
b- Yet, where others report the same, you can look into how you have been functioning
It sheds light upon the condition and life of man, and provides communicative medium.