I'll be adding to this list later, notably concerning planetary and zodiacal oils.
I do talk about briefly how to go about making those recipes though.
There's allot more I've got to add to this thread but this will do for now.

VanVan Oil

16 parts lemongrass oil
8 parts citronella oil
1 part vetivert oil
1 part palmarosa oil
1 part gingergrass oil

Mix together and let sit for one week. This is stock oil,
not to be applied directly as it may be irritating to the touch.

In each 1/2 to be made add the following:

a pinch of dried lemongrass
a pinch of crushed pyrite (optional)
fill with stock blend and carrier.

Almond oil recommended as carrier.

Join Together/Attraction Oil

4 parts cinnamon oil
2 parts vanilla oil
4 parts jasmine oil
Adam and Eve root

Almond, olive or grapeseed oil as carrier.
Store with lodestone immersed

Confusion Oil

4 parts rue oil, or herb
2 parts Patchouli
1 part vetivort
1 marjorem
Guinea/guenea pepper

To make an inflammatory blend so that those who would wish you ill attack eachother
in their state of confusion add 1 to 2 parts capsicum. 1 part if inexperienced.
Take care to further dilute.
Two tablesppons stock, two parts almond carrier.
Too either blend may be added the powder of a burned chord or
shoelace having been knotted with the required intent to confuse.

Banishing Oil

15 drops pine oil
12 drops rue oil
10 drops peppermint oil
7 drops pepper

1/2 olive oil carrier.
Ass crushed pepper corns as well as obsidian and/or black onyx chips

Bend-Over Oil

calamus root
licorice root
bergamot leaf or essential oil of bergamot
In equal parts, added to carrier.
To be kept with bent iron immersed.
Also makes a fine powder.

Expose Thief Oil

1 part vetivert oil
1 part polk root
1 part hydrangea oil

Protection Oil

1 part cinnamon
1 part clove
1 part bay
To be kept with leather immersed in bottle.

Jinx Removing Oil

1 part geranium oil
1 part clove oil
1 part deer tongue oil

Money Drawing Oil

Frankincense oil
Myrrh oil
Sandalwood oil
All in equal parts.
2 tablespoons of stock to two ounces of carrier.
Immerse therein a piece of bayberry

Blessing Oil

2 parts frankincense oil
1 part bezoin gum
add 2 tablespoons of stock to 2 ounces of carrier oil

Abramelin Oil

4 parts cinnamon oil
2 parts myrrh oil
1 part Sweet Flag or Calamus oil

Measure the accumulated weight, divide by half and add and olive oil carrier in the
forgoing number of oz. If one is to assume, assume 1 oz. or dram of carrier oil,

High Altar/7-11 Oil

10 parts myrhh oil
5 parts cinnamon oil
10 parts calamus oil
5 parts cassia oil

Olive oil as carrier

High Altar Oil, also known as 7-11 and Exodus oil is a long established occult oil.
It buideth the aura of the tools and grounds of thee art. It is used to anoint the
"tent of meeting", thy temple and also "thee ark of the testimony". It is to be kept
within the circle and to the utensils of weaving. It is to be kept holy for your use
in this matter. It is to be treated as a ritual robe to be worn only during your rites.
Whoever so uses it outside this calling is to be cast out for they have grounded out the
circle and especially if they have anointed a stranger, as they have failed to keep the
mysteries of thee art, for this oil is as the passing of the power. It is the exalted
spectrum or wave-length of the circle, the raising up of the serpent.

For to receive it is to be ensouled.

Fire Oil

5 parts cinnamon oil
3 parts ginger oil
8 parts orange oil
2 parts clove oil
1 part rosemary oil
5 drops nutmeg oil

Air Oil

3 drops Benzoin oil
3 drops Sandalwood
5 drops lavender
8 drops lily of the valley oil

Water Oil

5 drops Jasmine oil
6 Camelia oil
4 parts lotus oil.
3 drops palmarosa oil
2 drops ylang-ylang

Earth Oil

4 drops patchouli oil
4 drops cypress oil
3 drops pine oil
2 drops magnolia oil
3 drops honeysuckle oil

Planetary oils - rule: all ingredients must all be ruled
by said planet or have connection to an entity corresponding
to said plant. the other attributes should be chosen base on
the intent of the planetary working.

Zodiacal oils - Rule: all ingredients must be ruled by the planet
ruling the sign and correspond to the elemental nature of the sign.
There is exception considering a modality modifier. As there are three
signs of each element, that is the expressive forms of Sulfur (cardinal) ,
Mercury (mutable) and Salt (fixed) of each- an herbal oil for example
that exalts an elemental formula of water in a cardinal fashion makes
said formula appropriate for use as a recipe for Cancer. Thus while the
Cardinal agent may not be of the Moon and of water it is still an important
part of the recipe.