On Timing

Magic(k) is all about timing and there is a time and purpose to everything under heaven (read all things outside of singularity/paradox) and this is a lesson crucial to the healthy application of magick. Just as various plants and wildlife have their season, so to do magickal operations.

Just as a gardner must know the soil he is working with as well as his seed, so must we know of the potentialities exalted within the moment of our operation. To quote a wise statement, "all the forces of creation exist in a single tiny seed" yet the measure by which the seed unfolds in germination is at the basest of levels determined by the space allotted to it in the world, and the timing of that allotment.

It is the wise, who know the exaltations and the needs of the way, moment to moment and act accordingly. It is for this reason that patience is a virtue and that which is worth doing right, is done in its own time... not rushed, nor forgotten.

In so far as space and time are of the same fabric, we can say most logically, that the timing for an operation is at least as important as the space, properly prepared for the operation.

The Magician who wishes to consecrate in the name of a specific nature, to impart said nature into his seal or tool, must call and sufficiently gather up the current to do so.. and a shame it would be that he try twice as hard for a fourth the fruit. Likewise unto the practitioner of the spirit journey who would find the rivers flow not deep or swift enough to take them into the other-world. The wise are ever-aware of which forces are making their way into play, the subtle forces penetrating through the leys of the world, and at which times the veil lifts, or is more easily permeated that contact comes through more vividly and with much clarity. It should be noted here however that this is not simply mere alignment in the way we would conceive for there are beings whose experience of time is so different than our own that in reality it is our faculties more so than any absolute measure of time, which comes into alignment. Yet, further, in truth, our perception of time is a faculty.

Yes, with the work, one could perhaps have a palm tree survive the dead of winter but why should the competent magician be in need of a miracle? Working along the lines of least resistance, according to the exalted forces of the moment, the magician is able to do the miraculous, that which seems improbable, by manipulating the greatest point of probable emergence. To others, what seems as exceedingly unnatural, the Magician understands to be a natural mechanism of timing.

Yes it is true that a competent magician can open a gate (which is temporal, being a causal movement from point to point of within the larger reality) just as a competent engineer can build an aqueduct from the ocean inland. Try as he might however the engineer can not command the tides, and the magician would hardly think why he would need to other than to, quite playfully, show such things to be in the grasp of the illuminated mind.