Hot Foot Powder

1 ground Carolina Reaper Pepper (subs. Trinidad or Ghost)
-note: most recipes only call for Cayenne
1/2 tablespoon ground Black Pepper
1/2 ground tablespoon Black Mustard Seed
1 tablespoon Sulphur
1 tablespoon High John Root
1 tablespoon Gun Powder
Grind ingredients and add to a rice flour/corn starch base.

Money Drawing Powder

Ground paper money
1 oz powdered sandalwood
1/4 tsp powdered cinnamon
1 tbsp powdered five-finger grass
1 tsp yellow dock
1/2 dram frankincense oil
1/4 dram patchouli oil
1/4 dram myrrh oil
4 oz cornstarch or rice flour

Crossing Powder

1 spoon of powdered asafoetida root
1 spoon of powdered sulphur
1/2 spoon of crushed red peppercorns
Powdered Dirt dauber’s nest
A generous pinch cemetery dirt or black salt

Goofer Dust
(used to seriously harm or kill - for historical purposes only)
This recipe is not to be confused with "Goofer dust" as a general name
for any powder using graveyard dirt. Such blends inherit their name from
this traditional recipe whose main ingredient is graveyard dirt.
Those other blends may be used for various purposes but make no mistake
the following is uses to kill or otherwise inflict great injury.

"Gettin' sick and tired of the way you do
'Time, Mama, I'm gonna poison you
Sprinkle goofer dust around your bed
Wake up some mornin', find your own self dead."

3/4 cup of graveyard dirt
1/4 cup of sulphur
1/4 cup of black salt
--w/ powdered mullein, sage, and a pinch black and red pepper
Ground snakeskin
Ground snake's head
--or venomous parts and fangs- Rattlesnake or Copperhead
Powdered bones of a rodent, skunk or black cat
6 larvae or parasites, ground and turned to powder.
1 ground snail
1 ground scorpion tail
Anvil dust (iron shavings)