To Conjure Rain

The Following can be done within an elemental circle having invoked from the West the entities of the storms - notably the Thunderbeings.

This working calls for Amethyst, which should be charged with an emotional current that brings the practitioner to tears. Wipe the tears with the Amethyst.

Construct thee sixth Pentacle of Mercury on parchment; having been inscribed with blue ink. Charge the Pentacle by tracing the versicle deosil with the Amethyst while repeating the diction of the versicle:

"All the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the rain was upon the Earth" - Gen 7:11-12   

Aquireth a vessel, emerald green and having the qualities of a womb or feminine figure. Fill the vessel with water and consecrate it, preferably in the name of the Thunderbeings. Place therein the Amethyst and the parchment containing the seal.

Let thy brew sit, riding the current of the waxing moon. On the arrival of the full moon pour the water upon the Earth. The water should now have a blue tint. Bury
 the Amethyst where the water is poured. If there is anything left of the parchment, bury it alongside the Amethyst.