The Ceremonial Round

Color Pathworking Quality Force Element Season Guardian Essences
Gigage (Red) Rubedo Victory Strong Force Fire Spring Kutani Gigage Ageyv & Asgaya
Unegv (White) Albedo Innocence Gravity Earth Summer Galoneda Unegv Ageyv & Asgaya
Gvhnage (Black) Nigredo Sorrow Electromagnetism Air Fall Tsayi Gvhnage Ageyv & Asgaya
Sagonige (Blue) Caeredo Defeat Weak Force Water Winter Ynwi Gunahita Sagonige Ageyv & Asgaya
Adalonige (Yellow) Citranitas Aspiration(s) Order A. Spirit Reaping Tlanuwa Adalonige Ageyv & Asgaya
Itseiyusdi (Green) Viriditas Growth Mediation Spirit Growing/Pruning Atsila Itseiyusdi Ageyv & Asgaya
Uwodige (Brown) Brunetas Needs Chaos P. Spirit Sowing Uktena Uwodige Ageyv & Asgaya
* a) The seasonal correspondences for the first four colors are directional, and not tied to the color. therefore, different colors are paired to the seasons depending on what direction a color is paired to in a formula. b) The four Aztec gods of the directions, may be called as the guardians.