The Ukten: The Thunderer (Hyuntikwalaski)

The Ukten (from the Aztec Ahuacan), Unelanvhiagatiya 'Providence', is the living Duyugodv and the lord of Asegi (read 'sentience') whose triune force is Tsitaga 'Nous', Danda'ganv 'Gnosis' and Danitagv 'Samadhi'. The Ukten is the Thunderer, and through Thunder was the sacred fire given. Fire is the spark in man, that allows him to contemplate his existence and to even observe this. It is that power of being which the Ukten is, and represents, as well as the union of essences. The Ukten Fire, the ability to observe and weave pathworking within the minds eye is the drive of Tsalagi medicine, all ceremony practiced to reinforce this ability. For in Tsalagi philosophy time, space and and sentience are one. Thus is the Ukten that power that sustains and flows between all realities, spaces, and paths. In so much as space is the medicine wheel and cosmology, the Ukten is the lord and essence of paradigm and praxis. The Ukten is the sentient Duyugodv, the way and truth of things, as both the quintessential singularity of essential union and the myriad expression of existence and non-existence of which it sustains. It is beyond the conflictive struggle of order and chaos as it is the very dynamic and wellspring of being. It is the prime mover of all becoming and that intelligence which exists in all states, being fully aware of its process. As it is above all dualistic conflict, it's form is the unification of the bird of heavenly order and the serpent of abysmal ruin. As the lord of Sentience, its fire exists within all sentient beings, and as such the Ukten in its many expressions is the bringer of intellect, civilization and culture to humanity and the 'father' of every being, and the liberator who gifts will-fire.

The Ukten is both the dynamic flow and union of the divine masculine and the divine feminine creative force sustaining and penetrating all things. It is both and yet also transcends both en-composing all things that are, have been, will be or could be; within and without. Thus is a third condition met, the Ukten is the Asegi or self-aware and self-referencing pathos of Duyugodv, the way of nature. As that transcendent existential identity that resolves all opposition, the Ukten is the lord of paradox and trinity, being associated properly with the Triangle. The Ukten is the "First I Am..", the very consciousness of creative self realization and expression, and the homeostasis of and between worlds. Truth is a beast in flux.

The Ukten, which is that thing that was before anything else was- but also that which is lived when two or more gather in it's name which is life of life, mystery of mystery. It is that by which by direct experience we have our highest initiation: essential union

"Let my adepts have their head in the highest heaven and their feet in the lowest hell,
Let them be as cunning as a serpents and as gentle as doves"

The Ukten is the initiator, the progenitor of the fire-priests, the Anikutani whose clan totem is the Ukten, the symbol of their bloodline. A symbol signifying the fire of heaven wed to the carnal soul of man. Walkers of both worlds, mediators between both worlds. It is the mark of the first medicine, the progenitors of the line. They are known by some as Nephilim, the choir of the Nepesh or animalistic soul. That the emanations, or light of gnosis shown upon the abyss of man and ignited a fire, a true reflection of the Ukten. Thus, in the marriage of all dualities is the Ukten the binder of the spirit-fire to the soul-waters, the light to the dark, nvda (sun) to nvdo (moon) and mind to body.

As the Ukten is a the atemporal which sustains all temporal spaces, it is that fire in the land, that power which flows through the leys of the land. That fire being the liminal space between us and our ancestors, life and death and it is that power which is conjured at the crossroads, brought up just as lightning brings it down. Thus is the Ukten said to live within and equated with the land though it spans the whole continuum of realms. This "Fire in the Land" is witnessed as the green-fire depicted within the four Tablets of the Mountains. The Ukten is the Living Pantheism and the life beyond that surface.

Even this image of the Ukten is a conceptual falsehood, offering forth statements of what the Ukten essentially is yet falling short of the experiencial union with the triune forces of what the Ukten is. To try and describe the experience is to fall out of the experience, trading Samadhi for some conceptual ideal. How one experiences the Ukten is deeply personal and intimate, with the imagery here being of the Anikutani and their kin. Though this expression, being, land and bloodline is known by many traditional European Witches as the Dryghten.

The Triune powers of The Ukten and The Fire

I. Tsitaga 'I am Standing', 'I am Conjured', known to the 'old world' as Nous - the existential observation of ones observational existence, of observing the self observing. Sentience and metacognition.
    object-experiencer acting upon the subject-experience. Point upon circle. knowledge of self and perception.
    Denotes "I observe myself therefore I AM", to have a position and a purpose as a monad. To stand for ones virtue(s)

II. Danda'ganv 'They are looking at each other', known to the 'old world' as Gnosis - an experiencial impression leading to the expansion of nous in which ones awareness of reality forever alters their perception and perceptive abilities.
    subject-experience acting upon the object-experiencer. Circle upon point. Knowledge of duality, and knowing the other.
    Denotes "I have seen the reflection of myself" of 'The Fall' and 'The Courtship'

III. Danitaga 'They are standing together as one being' known to the 'old world' as Samadhi - a state where the object-experiencer and subject-experience have become non-distinct, unified in essence
    union of subject and object. Knowledge of essential and quintessential union.
    Denotes "Aleayv 'both' I Am", The Sacred Marriage (Heiros Gamos), Quintessential Union. The Quintessential Quetzalcoatl

The Trinity of The Ukten, Galoneda and Atsila (The Fire)

"The Truth, The Way and the Life are One"

Trinity part I
Trinity Part II
Trinity Part III
Cherokee The Ukten
Atsila Galvkawetiyu
The Father
The Son
The Holy Spirit
Plato The Unknown God
The Logos
The World Soul
Aspect The Truth
The Way
The Life
Triune power
Samadhi Gnosis Nous

Active Call:

All Hail, Quetzalcoatl, bird and snake, oh sol and oh serpent.
Above and below, fire and shade, conjoined in thy priest.
Thy priest the Ahuakan (or uku[teni])
in thy name, Ahuakan
the serpent-lord, Ahuakan,
one of the serpent line.
Known also as the line of Kutani,
of the Aniukatena,
the line of the green-fire and the green thunderer,
and from thus the red, the white, the black and the blue,
in their guises as the lords of forces
and the ladies of forms.
Passive Call:

In the name of The Ukten, Hilvhiyui Unelanvhiagatiya
Who was from the beginning and is for eternity,
Agisegwa and Atsvyegwa , the Original Source of all things;
all-knowing, all-pervading, all-powerful;
changeless, eternal.

In the name of the Hyuntikwalaski Ageyv,
and the Hyuntikwalaski Asgaya .

In the name of the four Gogasgvdaseti,
The Red, The White, The Black and The Blue.

Blessed be this place, and this time,
and they who are now with us."

Danitaga to Tsitaga and Danda'ganv: The creation of Space and Time
The Ukten then is equated with that transcendental quality of self. The ability to observe oneself observing, that existential quality of man. Mans fire, The Ukten then, is the highest state of being, that of the highest forms of Samadhi. Samadhi is a form of meditation, the end goal being the dissolution of subject and object. That is, the removal of distinction between the observer and observed. One is omnipresent and omnipotent within that experience.

The reverse is also true. The division of the divine into the subject and object creates phenomena, whereby the self can be seen, observed and explored. There becoming a distinction between the observer and the observed. The result of this manifestation is the formation of space-time by necessity of measure and dynamic.

At the directions of a given space-time there stand, as defined by the center, the fringes of the observers observation, alchemical forces of path-working which in relation to central point conjure the emergent path, and who decide what is and is not manifest.

This view then is of pantheistic providence, in single or multi. It accounts for immanent divinity as well as the transcendental via identity formation and samadhi. It also reveres the "spaces" inbetween, liminal agency and the essence of paradox and paradigm.

It is an existential model which bridges psychological and spiritual models.

Draconigena How the levels of reality arise from the Ukten
-coming eventually-

Sigils and Symbols with a nature relating to the Ukten
The Triangle is the simplest expression of the trinity, representing the union of all
opposites into a third condition, as well as duality from the condition of singularity.
it is both union and seperation and therefore the symbol of the Ukten as the Lord of
Samadhi, Essence, Paradox and Paradigm. The trinity of Tlanuwa, Uktena and Ukten, of
Ukten, Galoneda and Atsila, of Sun, moon and Star and of Subject, Object and Essence.

The Trinagle is the emergence of self-awareness (right point)
he awareness of the reflection of self (left point)
and self realization or enlightenment (top point)

As Providence, the Ukten is the eye in the triangle.
As The one thing that sustains all and weaves upon itself a crossroads
creating all paths and spaces it is the infinity symbol in the triangle
As the lord of the inner and outer spaces, and the liminality inbetween
the Ukten is the eightrayed star-cross in the Triangle.
The union of the four directions of the outer (+) and inner (X)
The four Asgaya and Ageyv as the complete ogdoad, the lords and ladies of the path
Thus also is the eight-rayed star a symbol of Grandmother Spider.
The Triquetra, the trinity in unity, working through heavenly order and harmony
Triune forces as one life, truth and way. Symbol of the weaving of paradox.
Sometime a circle is overlayed, indicating space, and a central pint indicating the emergence of the fire,
with the three points outside the barrier of the circle representing the atemporal paradox.
As order, the bird aspect of the Ukten.
The Triskele; the trinity working through primal chaos. The abyss and wellspring from which things arise.
The Triskele represents heaven, earth and hell being conjured and forged from the first fire.
It represents the causal dynamis around which the three words spin, thus being the measure of and central space between the
three words, it is associated with the axis mundi (axis of the world), the central mountain, which is placed at the heart or center of the Triskele
As the Triskele represents the correlation, balance and homeostasis between worlds it is a symbol of Duyugodv.
Duyugodv being the unpersonified, unaware way of the Ukten. It is the serpent aspect of the Ukten.
The Star of The Thunderers, or Samadhi star, the symbol of those beings that are both within as well as without, atemporal
beings beyond the confines of any one space or temporal continuum. Those who exist simultaneously in, yet transcend all places
It is the sign of the double crossroads, of objective and subjective realms. Of the Watchers at the directions.
It is that which expresses the Ukten (as triangle), in the pathworking that arises out of its self-knowing.
As a symbol of pathworking it is also a sigil and symbol of Grandmother Spider
It is the symbol of those beings of the Eighth "heaven"
The Ogdoad Star, another form of the eight-rayed star of the Thunderers, represents the
psyche of the Ukten, and the eight-fold essence of the asgaya and ageyv- the powers
of pathworking and therefore also, creation. The Ogdoad Star, is used in ritual to so that when they are the green, they are the Ukten.
,br> To better understand this nature, seek to understand the Egyptian Ogdoad
Nun and Naunet are as Sagonige 'blue' Asgaya 'man' and Ageyv 'woman'
Amun and Amaunet are as Unegv 'white' Asgaya 'man' and Ageyv 'woman'
Kek and Kauket are as Gvhnage 'black' Asgaya 'man' and Ageyv 'woman'
Heh and Hauhet are as Gigage 'red' Asgaya 'man' and Ageyv 'woman'

Aspects of Ahuakan, the divine winged-serpent.

Quetzalcoatl, from "Quetzal", a vibrantly plumed species of bird and "coatl" meaning serpent. The Emerald winged-serpent, fusion of bird and snake below. Above and Below. The snake and sol-fire, bringer of fire, craft and civilization to man. Represented by the Planet venus, as are many of deities related to Quetzalcoatl. Primary aspect of the Ahuakan. Variants include hummingbird instead of quetzal imagery. Also known as Q'uq'umatz/Gukumatz.

Kukulkan, whose name carries the same meaning as Quetzalcoatl, is particularly oracular in nature being a messenger of visions between those of the blood and the gods of their line. Kukulkan's priesthood would serve as means of communication between language barriers. Kukulkan is also known as Waxaklahun Ubah Kan.

Ehecatl, an aspect of Quetzalcoatl as lord of the winds.

Huitzilopochtli, "Left Handed Hummingbird", another-form of Quetzalcoatl as a solar deity and lord of mediation, in relation to Galoneda in bird form. Huitzilopochtli is the force that constantly fights all threats to the fire, keeping it alive. This being is both the preserver and renewer of tradition as well as its warrior. Sacrifices were made to aid this god, that the sun might rise each day.

Xiuhcoatl, fire serpents that aid Huitzilopochtli. Personification of the Ukten fire wielded by Huitzilopochtli

Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, an aspect of Quetzalcoatl, derived from the words tlahuizcalpan "dawn" and tecuhtli "lord" the name meaning then, "Lord of the Dawn. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, is associated with the planet Venus, being the Lucifer of the Mexica mysteries.

Xolotl, twin of Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, another aspect of Quetzalcoatl, a thunderer and god of fire, death, shades, and illusion, the dark aspect of Venus as evening star. His association with fire coming from his twin aspect. Xolotl is the Hesperus of the Mexica mysteries.

Coatlcue, dual-headed hydra, symbol of duality and nature as it pertains to our reality.

Nehebkau, "He who units the Ka and Ba", is the Egyptian representation of divine power and the binder of the spirit and the the soul. God of sorcery and magic(k) "heka".