Visualizing the Tablet Trees

The first depiction of the tablets shows the four-fold nature of the tree wherein the seniors of each tablet correspond to one of the four Yetzirahs of Jacob's ladder, here shown as it is in circular fashion without the Supernal Triangle reflected separately in each. The Quadrangles representing the foundation of each tree below Paroketh, equating to the elemental Sephiroth.

The second depiction shows This relationship as seen as a single Tree.

Also, while we are talking about this configuration, Metatron's Cube should also be noted. Many are aware that the circles shown in the glyph align it to the Flower of Life, but few realize the Fruit it grown from the water of the Tree of Life, yielding a visualization of the mysteries of and a means of practical application of the Cube as well as of the Inner Order of the Occult. The correspondences are as follows

As Ezekiel saw God, his throne above the Cherubim, four in number, and lo, as the Cherubim moved so did the Ophanim who are as wheels intersecting wheels, for they were of the Cherubim and the spirit of the Cherubim were in them, and behold there was lightning. The center of this lighting was as glowing metal and it move between and through the Cherubim. The Spirit came unto Ezekiel and exalted him that he may stand and Ezekiel partook of the Word, the Logos, and became the voice of Providence for he was no longer he but Thee!

Treat this depiction as a Cherubim, and know that each Great-Tablet, containing each four faces are also Cherubim. Know this, contemplate this and channel it in your works, for such is to work from grace.